1st December 2019

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Although the federal government introduced legislation to decriminalise the use and sale of medical cannabis in 2016, the accessibility of CBD products still remains a challenge in Australia.

There are currently 2 methods to access medical cannabis in Australia:

  1. The legal prescribed method
  2. The controversial online method


1. The Legal Prescribed Method

Patients are required to undergo the Special Access or Authorised Prescriber Schemes administered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to qualify for a special prescription to obtain medical cannabis.
There are 2 ways within this method.

Through your GP
  • Determine if you are currently being treated for a medical condition that can also be treated by cannabis (scroll down to the bottom of this page to see a list of approved illnesses)
  • Determine if your current treatment has not produced results and you are still having health problems
  • Talk to your GP and request that they apply on your behalf to Therapeutic Goods Association to get approval for them to prescribe you medical cannabis.

The challenge with going through your GP is that most doctors are not yet informed of medical cannabis nor have been educated in the process to prescribe it legally. This presents a big hurdle for many patients.

Through a Specialist Clinic

If your GP doesn't know the process of applying for medical cannabis for you, you can seek the help of a specialist clinic. The following Australian clinics assist patients with the process of qualifying and obtaining a legal prescription to purchase government approved medical cannabis products.

ClinicGP Referral NeededInitial ConsultationTGA ApplicationPrescription ConsultCheckups
Cannabis Access ClinicsNo$200
+$25 Screening Fee
Cananbis Doctors AustraliaYes$199$35N/A$59
Emerald ClinicsYes$380N/A$90$180


2. The Controversial Online Method

The legal prescribed method can be a lengthy and indefinite process with many Australians frustrated and left hopeless, due to the desperation or nature of their suffering and illnesses. Because of this, many are opting for the quick and easy method of purchasing medical cannabis products online from local and international sellers. The problem with this is the lack of education of the right product to take, the correct dosage, scam products and overall control and monitoring of the health benefits.

The following popular CBD oil brands and information in the tables below were collected from lab tests, research and discussions found in online forums and support groups of people who have specifically bought and use these brands.

Our mission is to educate the Australian community to make an informed decision when buying a medical cannabis product online, should they with to do so. We stress that there can be legal repercussions for those purchasing and using CBD products without a legal valid prescription.

BrandContains CBDCannabinoids PresentProduct Variants
Australian Cannabis UniversityYesTHC, THCA, CBD, CBDAOil Tinctures
CBD Oils AustraliaYesCBD, CBDAOil Tinctures
CeeBeeDeeYesLow amounts of CBD, CBDA, THC, THCAOil Tinctures, Capsules, Skincare
Cloud 9YesCBDOil Tinctures, Edibles, Vape Oil
Community Base DispensaryYesCBD, THC, CBD, CBG, CBDA, THCAOIl TInctures, Pastes
Down to EarthYesCBD, CBDV, CBG, THCOil Tinctures, Skincare, Edibles
EndocaYesCBD, THC, CBG, CBC, CBDA, THCAOil Tinctures, Capsules, Skincare, Edibles, Suppositories
Essential ExtractYesZero to Trace amounts of CBDOil Tinctures
Essential Hemp By Hemp Foods AustraliaNoNoneHemp Seed Oil
HB NaturalsYesCBD, CBC, CBDA, THCAOIl Tinctures, Skincare
Hemb BombsYesCBDOil Tinctures, Capsules, Skincare, Edibles, Suppositories
IndivitaYesCBD, CBC, THC, CBG, CBDA, THCAOil Tincures, Skincare, Hemp Seed Oil
Naked PressNoNoneHemp Seed Oil
Ricks Hemp OilNoNoneHemp Seed Oil
Snowy River BrandYesCBD, CBDAOil Tinctures
The Cannabis CompanyNoNoneHemp Seed Oil
The Good AlternativeYesCBD, THCOil Tinctures, Vape Oil, Skincare
Thought CloudYesCBD, CBG, CBCOil Tinctures, Vape Oil, Skincare
Uncle Pete'sYesTHC, THCV,CBD, CBG, CBCOil Tinctures, Capsules, Skincare, Vape Oil


buy cbd oil in australia bannerEndoca offers free shipping to Australia for all orders over $100.
They also have a large number of Australian customers who access their products through the SAS.


What illnesses are approved for medical cannabis treatment?

The following is a list of illnesses that may get approved for clinical trials and CBD Oil use. These illnesses have been approved by the TGA in the past.

  • Anorexia and wasting associated with chronic illness ( such as cancer)
  • Anxiety
  • Autism symptoms
  • Cancer pain
  • Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
  • Chronic infection
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Depression
  • Dystonia
  • Epilepsy / Seizure management
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Neuropathies
  • Opioid dependence
  • Palliative care
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica
  • Post CVA Neuropathy
  • PTSD
  • Radiculopathies
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Spasticity from neurological conditions
  • Tremors

Learn more about the health benefits of medical cannabis for your body and how it effects your vital Endocannabinoid System


Please know that to use medical cannabis products in Australia requires a valid prescription. The above information on Specialist Clinics and CBD oil brands was collected from lab tests, research and discussions found in online forums and support groups. We recommend you to do your own research before using the above services and products.


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Australian Medical Cannabis Market Trends October 2019

The following insights are from Fresh Leaf Analytics Q3 2019 report.

Patient Approval Rate Up Over 1000% In 2019

Patient approval numbers in Australia for medical cannabis continues to grow exponentially. July saw 40% growth month on month with a forecasting a total of 28,301 new patient approvals in 2019 – growth of 1023% on the 2500 approvals in 2018.

Medicinal Cannabis Approved Numbers (SASB)



The Medicinal Cannabis Active Patient base is expected to cross 10,000 by end of 2019

medical cannabis patient base 2019

Product Competition Continues

There are now 76 medical cannabis products available for doctor prescription in the Australian market – a jump of more than 40% from 54 confirmed by the FreshLeaf Analytics team in Q1 2019.


Number of Medicinal Cannabis products in the Australian Market


Oil still dominates the market as the primary delivery mechanism, followed by dried flower, capsules, granulated flowers, spray and crystal.


Medical Cannabis Product types in the Australian market (Q3 2019)

medical cannabis product types Australia 2019




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