8th August 2020

November 21, 2019
CBD Assist recently got in touch with Thoughtcloud Australia. Below is our Q & A interview with their Operations Director, Mike.
Thoughtcl0ud is well known for their hemp oil extract products.


thoughtcloud cbd oil tincture

Can you give us a brief history about Thoughtcloud?

I was suffering panic attacks and had constant anxiety during my mid 20’s. My wife found Thoughtcloud CBD oil on Instagram so she bought it for me to try and it helped immensely. Shortly after ThoughtCloud announced that they weren’t able to ship to Australia anymore, so I reached out to them to launch the business locally in Australia in March 2018. After hundreds of phone calls and emails, we finally sorted out the legalities, logistics and the support team to launch in Australia in September 2019.


What differentiates Thoughtcloud from other CBD products out there?

Thoughtcloud oils are 100% organic oil from plants in Colorado. They’re extracted using the efficient and safe Co2 method which gives the purest form of oil on the market. So not only is the quality of the product among the best in the market, but we have a very wide variety of products. With the launch of the Isolate oils and Beauty Products, we’re proud to have a brand that provides a product for everyone.


What are some recent achievements by Thoughtcloud?

The launch of Thoughtcloud in Australia would be by far the biggest achievement, there’s a lot of hurdles to overcome and we worked very hard to make it a reality - to provide local support and shipping for our products.


What has been the biggest challenge of Thoughtcloud so far? How did you overcome it?

Scaling the business from the US has been a challenge. When you go for 10 orders/day to 80 orders/day, trying to quickly scale the business to reach demand is a huge challenge. The other challenge is the local laws in various countries around the world. It’s one of the most studied substances by every developed nation in the world, yet there’s still so many restrictions.


Which product(s) is your most popular? Why is this so?

It would be the Full Spectrum in Coconut Oil for sure. It has all the great cannabinoids in a neutral oil that doesn’t taste / smell. Second to that would be our Fun Series, which is commonly known as the Vape Series in the US / International markets.


From the enquiries that you receive, what are the most common health conditions that people face?

Anxiety for sure, followed closely by not being able to sleep.

What future challenges do you anticipate for Thoughtcloud?

This would be any changes in legislation to make it even harder for companies like Thoughtcloud to operate in Australia.


Where do you see the future of the Australian medical cannabis industry heading?

And the Australian cannabis industry in general? We’re slowly catching up to the rest of the world. Hopefully with the legalisation of cannabis in ACT will see the other states follow shortly after, which will then allow people to access the miracle plant freely. We have the perfect climate to grow all year round and this will allow us to build a great export product.

If you could choose one, what is the most interesting discovery or fact of medical cannabis that you would like to share?

This would be how one plant / substance can cure so many ailments without needing specific variations. Also that whilst THC can cause anxiety, CBD can help alleviate your anxiety. So the next time you smoke some really potent weed and you feel yourself starting to feel anxious, get some Thoughtcloud CBD oil to help level you out.


CBD Assist does not have any monetary affiliation or business relationship with Thoughtcloud

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